Kambwili refuses to be intimidated

By Staff Reporter

Police on the Cooperbelt have recorded a warn and caution statement from National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili.

Police have since charged Kambwili and four others with the offense of proposing violence.

Kambwili who is also PF Roan member of parliament said he would not stop speaking out on injustices that people, and specifically miners were passing through.

Addressing NDC members after appearing before police in Ndola, Kambwili said he would not be intimidated and vowed to teach PF a lesson in 2021 through the ballot.

“I will not be intimidated over the recent persecution that I’m passing through at the hands of the PF regime. Attempt’s to intimidate me by government are mere acts of desperation. I am urging NDC members to work hard as I will never stop speaking out against injustice and other social ills that Zambians are passing through at the hands of the PF government, The charge slapped on me and four miners is based on a secret recording passed on to police by a snitch from the PF,” said Kambwili.

He doubted the authenticity of the recording since it could not be independently verified.

Kambwili was accompanied by his Lawyer Christopher Mundia.