Luansyha Mayor tells Chinese Investors to Respect the law

By Staff Reporter

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has condemned the conduct of the Chinese investors at Ebenezer Gem-field Mine for the shooting of six Zambians in Lufwanyama.

In a statement this morning Chanda said even if the country respect and appreciate investment, it should never be at the expense of Zambian nationals.

“We would like to condemn in the strongest terms the conduct of the Chinese investors at Ebenezer Gem-field mine for shooting six of our local people,” he said.

Chanda added the Chinese investors should never resort to taking the law into their own hands, but try to resolve any disputes through dialogue.

“We also want the Chinese investors to engage the state security, that is the Zambia police in safeguarding their property. We want them to use the spirit of give and take and the state security, the ministry of mines and the local leadership can engage our people. The conduct of the Chinese to be shooting our people over our minerals will not be accepted. This is our God given resource and these people must respect the owners of the land,” he said.

Chanda further said youths should form cooperatives that will be engaged to derive benefits from the mining sector dumpsite through a normal channel.

He since challenged the Ministry of Mines and the Zambia Police to thoroughly investigate the matter to its conclusion.