Southern Province receives relief mealie meal

By Staff Reporter

Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has commenced the distribution of relief mealie meal in Southern Province.

In a statement, DMMU Communications Officer, Rachel Mupanga said the programme was meant to mitigate the hunger situation resulting from the dry spells experienced in most parts of the country.

“A total of 1,500 metric tonnes of maize has been released for all the thirteen (13) districts in the province. Each district will receive 6,400 by 12.5Kg bags of mealie meal,” she said

Mupanga added that DMMU Coordinator Chanda Kabwe said that the move by government to process the maize into mealie meal is meant to cushion the cost burden on the beneficiaries.

“It is also to ensure accountability and that the vulnerable receive their support. The mealie meal bags are branded to avoid them being sold on the market. The maize bran from the mealie meal will also be used as supplement for livestock,” Kabwe said.

And receiving the mealie meal, Pemba District Commissioner, Reginald Mugoba said the relief food would go a long way in mitigating the hunger situation in the district.

Kabwe also assured that FRA had enough maize and that no affected household would die of hunger regardless of political affiliation or tribe.

“Hunger and other disasters cut across politics and tribe, hence the need for concerted efforts in mitigating disasters,” he said.

He disclosed that DMMU had dispatched teams in the nine provinces which were affected by dry spells and flash floods, to conduct the vulnerability and needs assessment to ascertain the actual number of people and households affected by the season.